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New Adventure in 2018

2017 has been a wonderful year. I joined Amartha on August 2016, as Technical Lead. I recall that there are only several people working together in a small co-working space located in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Amartha Engineering Team

The first task that I did is revamping Amartha website, being so struggle since there are only few people working as software engineer. However, as time goes by, we started hiring new software engineers to work together and create impact for others. I contacted my old colleagues and asked them to join Amartha.

On November 2016, we moved to new office, since the team is getting bigger. I asked to Amartha's VP of Product, what we want to do in the next 2 years, and never thought that I would hear such great product ideas that want to be implemented to help people in rural areas.

On December 2016, I've become the Head of Engineering. And at that time, I decided to re-invent Amartha core-system by re-architect the application infrastructure and database model, which we called as our MIS, to enable to support the growth of Amartha. Our engineering team decided to use Golang as primary language for the backend and use AngularJS for fast web development.

We launched the new core-system on April 2017 and the result didn't going well as expected. The database migration is successfully executed, however there are a lot of "bad data" in previous database. Afterward, Engineering and Data Science team collaborate to fix and clean that "bad data".

By then, we growth pretty well and integrated with several banking system, such as Mandiri Virtual Account, Mandiri Corporate Payable and many more.

In term of numbers, we did with a solid baseline in Q1 2017, we have 12 branches in West Java, IDR 57 billion total disbursed, 28.000 borrower served and 268 total investor registered. In Q2 2017, we growth significantly, we expanded to have 378 branches across Java, IDR 215 billion total disbursed, 73.000 borrower served and 6.900 total investor registered.


I'm so proud to be part of Amartha growth. I feel that we build a solid foundation to grow more and more. This not gonna be happened without the best A-team and all the people in Amartha, and never been proud to have such a small and the best engineering team in town.

December 2017, I decided to move, to challenge myself and learn new experience. :)

Once again, thank you Amartha for the wonderful ride!

Long live, the Amartha family!

P.S. For more information about Amartha, please go to www.amartha.com



A seasoned software engineer with more than seven years of experience in the tech-startup industry. Want to collaborate? Drop me an email at faris@monolog.id

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